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Why Cuatro Rios?

    Criadero Cuatro Rios takes great care in searching for the perfect matched pair when it comes to breeding their Paso Finos.  From the very start, Glen’s medical background and study of genetics aims to pair the right mare with the right stallion in an attempt to create a Paso Fino with all the desired traits the breed is famous for.

Heather Whelehon with Cuatro Rios VL Porcelana (foaled April 16, 2008).

The “total package” horse is one with collected, bold gait, gentle temperament, beauty and of course, the right amount of Brio!

     Once foaled, the Paso Finos of Cuatro Rios are imprinted and loved as one of Joy and Glen’s own children would be.  Joy’s background in nursing, and uncanny insight into animal behavior, plus boundless depths of caring creates an environment that produces well mannered and well adjusted horses.

     Authentic training from true Latin American trainers leads each horse to achieve the height of their abilities.  If a Paso Fino from Cuatro Rios has what it takes to be a champion, it will be brought out in a respectful, professional manner that brings home well-deserved championship titles. 


The range of abilities, whether a trail horse or a show horse, are carefully cultivated to make that particular Paso Fino perfect for riding, no matter the style.

    Joy and Glen take as much care pairing a prospective owner for one of their horses as they do at the initial breeding match.  Each purchase of a Cuatro Rios Paso Fino sends a finely bred, beautiful horse home with a proud new owner that is confident they have truly found their equine partner.

      Experience Paso Finos from Cuatro Rios—bred for excellence; raised with love.

Hildardo García with Cuatro Rios VL Arabesque

and Cuatro Rios Aristocrático (foaled May 8, 2008).


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