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About Glen and Joy:

Joy Van Loon & Cuatro Rios VL Patriarca, High Point Performance Amateur Owner Stallion 2007

     We fell in love with horses many years ago, and when our travels led us to settle in the heart of horse country—Lexington, KY, we decided to make our dreams a reality.  A severe back injury left Glen unable to continue his passion for riding until we discovered the equestrian breed known as “the horse with the fine step”—El Caballo de Paso Fino.

     Glen was initially skeptical that a horse of small stature like the Paso Fino would be a good fit for his 6’3” frame.  Skepticism was replaced with respect  when he first sat astride a Paso Fino. 

     “The power was evident—it was like riding controlled dynamite.”  We learned what all Paso Fino fans know—Brio, or spirit, is what makes this horse of small stature cast a powerful, tall shadow in the equestrian world.


     Our goal has been to share our passion for this beautiful Latin American breed and make Paso Finos available to more people in the United States. We have spent the past twenty five years perfecting our native Kentucky champion herd of Paso Fino horses.  With impeccable blood lines and authentic Latin American trainers, our breeding and training facility in Murray, KY has produced world and national champion Paso Finos for years. 

     We both are involved with the many aspects of operating a horse farm of forty horses.  The day to day activities fall into Joy's arena while Glen's medical practice dominates his work week.  We enjoy trail riding on our farm and surroundings.  Glen is very committed to the competitiveness of the Show Ring and he excels in that endeavor.  He has been awarded the PFHA, Inc. High Point Senior Amateur Owner Of The Year for six consecutive years (2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008).  Glen was also awarded High Point Amateur Owner for all age groups in 2008.  Criadero Cuatro Rios has a stellar reputation for breeding Paso Finos for excellence, trainng with respect and raising each foal from birth with loving, hands-on care.  

Glen Van Loon & Cuatro Rios VL Vaquera,

National Champion 2004 and Top Ten Dam 2008


Glen and Joy Van Loon at the Paso Fino Horse Association (PFHA,Inc.) National Championship 2005


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